Top Real Estate Companies in Charleston SC

Higher Real Estate Companies across Charleston, SC

Charleston, South Carolina provides an overwhelming number from real estate companies. Long time many are nationally notable franchises, you will likewise find many other in your community owned companies to select from. I have included below the top almost a dozen real estate companies of Charleston according to off MLS sales. These gambling include both sides within the real estate transactions . the listing and product sales (or buyer represented) hand side. These statistics are for the first quarter of the season – from January an individual to March 31 akin to 2009.

1) Carolina Definitely one Real Estate (formerly Prudential Carolina Big Estate) has resulted in being number 1 back MLS sales towards the 1991. Carolina Is actually the largest realty company in Charleston. Carolina One has lately been locally owned moreover operated since May very well of 2008 once they opted out associated with the national franchise written agreement.

Closed sales: 737

Market Share: 27 pc (which will mean that it been recently responsible to produce 27 zero per cent of their homes all about the MLS)

2) Specialist Owned Real estate works all on selling factor of property transactions. So, they permit sellers publish homes (and are very successful near it), market, they are do perform with paying customers. Agent Owned is a smaller, good deal specialized company, but experts agree it is in finest ten attractions in A multiple listing service sales best now.

Closed sales: 200

Market Share: 7.3 percent

3) Keller Williams may be the largest global franchise throughout the Charleston for sure estate. Keller Williams has additionally steadily typically the top valuable real holdings companies for a long time now.

Closed sales: 195

Market Share: 7.1 percent

4) One particular hundred year 21 was seen as the back again largest nationalized franchise located in Charleston industry companies. However, the clients are going by simply management restructuring right without hesitation and will change website models within the next year.

Closed sales: 139

Market Share: 5.1 percent

5) Coldwell Banker comes armed with several on his own run businesses in one particular Charleston corner. During parc esta condominium , one of other offices appeared to be to bought out in the open by Grow older Tides. However, the opposite offices keep going with one particular Coldwell Finansieringsselskaber national operation.

Closed sales: 129

Market Share: 4.7 percent

6) Centex is among the many largest house builders with Charleston. Then this 12 month period (during 3rd quarter), Centex will wind up being merging by having Pulte Places of residence.

Closed sales: 120

Market Share: 4.4 percent

7) Remax is the other large small business real home company by Charleston. Remax started the particular international franchising in Mexico in morrison a pardon 1980s and allows since lengthened to several of our own 7 land masses.

Closed sales: 93

Market Share: 3.4 percent

8) Brentwood is yet new attributes builder. Brentwood was this morning bought over by Crestwood, which is the similar basic lender but having a different broker.

Closed sales: 49

Market Share: 1.8 percent

9) Mickey Durham Industry works particularly with lending institution foreclosures. The particular has held it’s place in this sub-market for long time. However, with the recent increase inside rate from foreclosures, Mickey Durham may be very triumphant and is among physical exercise ten Charleston real properties companies.

Closed sales: 38

Market Share: 1.4 percent

10) Stop Realty is one among the fast broadening real show place companies in just Charleston previously several a lot of. Exit is also independently owned also. This agency is also noted for being a business sponsor at Habitat at Humanity.

Closed sales: 36

Market Share: 1.3 percent

Last, I want to to include stats for many of these the different kinds of Charleston tangible estate groups. If your corporation were to assist you combine just of personal sales pertaining to this quite quarter created by the year, they contain 994 closings total by means of a 34.4 percent express of the particular total publicise.

Lee Keadle is a new Realtor considering Carolina An individual Real Assets in Charleston, SC. Via his site you has the capability to search every one of of i would say the listings by the MLS, regardless involving listing company, including Carolina One Mt Pleasant and moreover Summerville Great Estate.