Angling For Crappie – Mini Pontoon Boat Fishing

There is nothing that can match fishing from a mini pontoon boat. The agility and stability of the compact designed mini pontoon makes a perfect platform for crappie fishing. Crappie can be found in almost every kind of fresh water. The mini pontoon boat makes it possible to navigate around from backwater streams to read lakes. Many anglers enjoy crappie fishing because the equipment and technique needed to catch crappie is fairly very.

Drift fishing is many pregnant women way to catch crappie in the summer months. Crappie, like most fish, will head for deeper water in summer to cool off. They won’t go far below feet due to the bottom oxygen content of the of the creek. They prefer still waters, so if you are fishing rivers and streams, look for deeper areas with little current motors your lakes favorite crappie pit. Drift fishing is fairly simple and works well for these crappie holes, and also the lake. You would like to locate an area that seems crappie friendly. Don’t drive your motor directly over the fish or they will scatter. What you need to do is make use of of the trolling motor and quietly drift past the hole with your line within the water. Work the line up and down to attract one of the most fish.

In lakes, many crappie congregate along dam walls to secure. This is where the lake naturally collects factors that crappie consider treats. Using a mini pontoon boat to drift fish a lake dam is the best strategy. You may have a quiet drift along the dam while easily conquering other boats’ awakens. One of the best times of the year to fish for crappie is in the year. As water temperatures increased amount of the shallows, crappie move towards them for spawning. Male crappies will be building their nests as of this time. Look for grasses that rise above the water, submerged structures and big gems. Nests are usually made near vegetation in the shallow water. This exactly where that mini pontoon boat can really pay off!

Think about spawning behavior when fishing for crappie. The males protect the nest. This makes sure that they will become aggressive and attack certain bait. Making use of this strategy, you can figure out easy methods to catch them. A lot of fishermen are fans of the worm on the hook type of bait, but the male crappie is not interested in lots of eating at this time. He will, however, attack larger jigs and bait that looks sort of a threat to the nest. This is the place you can catch a large involving crappie in the spring. Utilizing a mini pontoon boat in your favorite lake, river or stream can enable you to have your most productive crappie season yet!